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Inspired by History - exploring the pre-historic, Celtic, and Roman treasures of Ceredigion 

19 January - 23 March 2019

The County of Ceredigion wraps itself around the centre of Cardigan Bay stretching from Aberdyfi in the north to Abertyfi in the south and inland towards the Cambrian mountains covering some 696 square miles or approximately 1,783 square kilometres and has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
The most obvious signs of habitation by our forebears as we travel today through the area comes in the form of the numerous hillforts and enclosures of the iron age, giving distinctive form to the hills. In particular, Aberystwyth’s own impressive hillfort of Pen Dinas dominates the skyline above the town. More recently the Roman Villa discovered at Abermagwr has yielded valuable information about the Roman occupation of the area.
Besides evidence of man’s occupation of the area there are also other treasures such as fossils of long dead sea creatures and the fascinating submerged forest at Borth.
Our members have attempted to bring to life some of these treasures and whether it be the exquisite Tynddol sun disc and the mysterious Penbryn ritual spoons from Castell Nadolig or the photographic reality of the submerged forest at Borth, the abstract textile depicting the Romans search for gold or the imagined way of life in the hillforts, together with artefacts from the Museums own collections we hope you enjoy this peep into the past.