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Ceredigion Museum has examples of most items that relate to the history of the county for the period 1850 - 1950. Generally, we do not collect items that are less than 50 years old unless they have a special connection with the history of the county.

If you have an item that you think we may wish to add to our collection please contact us.

Normally, we accept items only if we want to add them to the permanent collection. However, we may accept items on certain conditions (such as using it as part of a handling collection or dispose of it when we think fit, which may include transfer to another institution).

We normally only accept loans for a fixed period of time (up to five years, renewable by agreement) for items that we wish to borrow for a display or for research purposes.
We do not normally collect documents or books unless they relate to items in the collection.

Historical documents in our collection are gradually being transferred to the County Archive Office

The County Archives Office is willing to consider accepting documents