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schoolsVisits to Ceredigion Museum are free and are a fantastic opportunity for school children to learn about the history and culture of Ceredigion.

Schools and colleges are welcome to visit the Coliseum at any time during normal opening hours (10am-5pm). 

Borrow a box for your school

Our handling collection boxes are available for schools and educational groups to borrow. Each one of our 12 ready prepared boxes contain objects from our collection that can safely be handled and fit within a certain educational theme.

  1. Victorian Kitchen
  2. Cooking in the Twentieth Century 
  3. Victorian Clothes 
  4. The Second World War :  Evacuees
  5. The Second World War (Artefacts)
  6. The Second World War (Posters) 
  7. Before Electricity : Washing
  8. Before Electricity :  Lighting   
  9. Romans in Ceredigion
  10. Toys
  11. The Dairy / Farming 
  12. Victorian School

To borrow a box and for more information contact Carrie Canham

Enquiries and bookings: